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Amazing: Dreamcast fan resurrects his old console with awesome mods

Color me impressed

Do you remember the first time you got your hands on the SEGA Dreamcast? When I first popped Sonic Adventure and Shenmue into my shiny new console, I was blown away. The graphics were unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the Nintendo 64 or PlayStation.

This week, one fan (thecosmicboy) took their appreciation for SEGA’s last console to the next level. He completely restored his dusty console with new hardware, neon lights, and a nifty LED screen. Here are some of the highlights from his console chronicles.

Dreamcast Xtreme Makeover

After getting back his old console from his cousin, he looked to give his gray, spray-painted friend a facelift. He bought a “faulty” console off eBay and used that shell for his new project, clearing the discoloration with some UV light and Peroxide Cream:

Giving the Dreamcast a $20.00 car wash, wax included

Once he cleaned up the exterior, he figured this beauty needed some upgrades under the hood. He scoured eBay and Aliexpress, purchasing these three pieces of hardware:

GDEMU clone (35 euro) Aliexpress
Enables you to play Dreamcast games from an SD card, any region. Easy fitment once GD rom is removed (cd drive)

A Pico PSU (25 euro) Aliexpress
To counter the voltage and temp rise having removed the GD rom, easy replacement.

Battery Holder Mod (5 euro) Ebay
No more “set current time” prompts on boot. Requires basic soldering skills to desolder and replace the original battery.


All of the lights

By replacing the older parts, it made his console much lighter, quieter, and booted up faster. LED lights can really pimp out your PCs if you use them tastefully, and CosmicBren knocked it out of the park with his changing LED Dreamcast light, paired with an animated logo installed right on the disc tray.

It’s still thinking

You can see the fruits of his labor in the video above. Color me very impressed. Check out his full story on CosmicBren’s blog. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Have you thought about modding your own SEGA consoles? Let us know! Keep doing awesome stuff, CosmicBren!


Marcin Gulik

Live and learn everyday. Dreamcast and Shenmue are the epitome of gaming!

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