Amy Rose sweetens up the holidays in Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 6

Christmas is only five days away, but Tyson Heese and Co. managed to slip a special Sonic Mania Adventures short under our trees Thursday starring Amy Rose.

The short begins with Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic landing in the middle of the forest following their defeat by Sonic and the gang–& Knuckles–and Eggman leaving Metal Sonic for dead. Come winter, Amy Rose discovers Metal Sonic buried alive in the snow, which scares her considering he kidnapped her in Sonic CD. Nevertheless, Amy saves him from getting crushed by a falling palm tree and decides to bring him back to Eggman as a Christmas present.

This is the first Sonic Mania Adventures short featuring Sonic’s sweet and feisty self-proclaimed girlfriend. Let’s hope this means she’ll be playable in Sonic Mania Plus in the foreseeable future.


Cristina Alexander

Cristina Alexander has been an avid fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since 2003. Her favorites include "Sonic Adventure 2," "Sonic Heroes," "Sonic Advance 3," "Shadow the Hedgehog," "Sonic Riders," "Sonic Unleashed," and "Sonic Colors." Her favorite video game franchises outside of Sonic include Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Just Dance. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism in 2018.

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