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Bayonetta may be banned in some Smash Bros. Tournaments

The lovely Bayonetta is certainly a distracting little minx, and her bewitching ways may be too much for Super Smash Bros. tournament players to handle.

Bayonetta_banned_in_some_Smash_Bros_Tournaments_saltyAccording to Gamenesia, several of Spain’s top players are calling for Bayonetta to be banned from tournament play. Their beef? She’s just too damn hot good. One specific criticism falls on her “Witch Time” ability, which they say does excessive damage even when used to counter weak attacks.

The sexy Umbran witch isn’t without her defenders, however. Some smashers note that Bayonetta is possibly just too new to the Smash Bros. roster for competitive players to fairly determine whether she is truly “broken,” and banning her would be a knee-jerk reaction.

Of course, any vote to determine Bayonetta’s ultimate fate could easily be rendered moot if the character is powered down in a future patch. As of now, the controversy seems to be limited to Smash Bros. tournaments in Spain, so it’s yet to be seen if the ol’ ban hammer becomes a Spanish export.

The Spanish have learned well the lessons of the Franco era… Don’t like something? BAN HAMMER!


Source: Reddit


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