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Cancelled PSP version of Sonic Generations’ assets recovered

Down in Mushroom Hill

So, a recap.

The good news: Back in 2017, a CD-R disc containing a port — or at least assets for a port — of Sonic Generations for the Sony PlayStation Portable was discovered, dated November 2009, at a point in time when the project was still known as “Sonic Anniversary.”

The bad news: The disc was damaged in various ways over the years, meaning that recovery of the data stored on it was likely impossible.

The good news: Likely… but not definitely.

“I sent it off to a data recovery centre but also had no luck, other than something like 10mb of broken data files. We were able to recover some small image files from this but nothing particularly interesting.”

About 14MB of the disc was able to be recovered, and the owner of the disc has tried reaching out to someone about a backup, but hasn’t heard anything yet.

ObscureGamers posted images of what’s been extracted thus far, but there isn’t too much to speak of.

You’ve got the old logo:

Some random stuff:

And perhaps the most intriguing part, level textures from what is believed to be Mushroom Hill Zone:

This tracks with the idea that the PSP version would have been a port/version of the Nintendo 3DS game, which is an altogether different experience from the version released to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Steam on PC in late 2011 (and is seriously underrated, at that).

More info can be found at Tails’ Channel.

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