CAPCOM announces record profits for fourth straight year

While the pandemic was in full swing last year, it didn’t stop CAPCOM. The fiscal year of 2020 was kind for the company as they had a rise in net sales by 16.8% while operating income was up 51.6%. The uptick in profits for the company were most derived through digital sales.

Resident Evil 3 and the recently released Monster Hunter Rise helped boost the company to record sales profits. They are expecting the 2022 fiscal year to be another gain of 5% in sales income. There is another 25% growth in the operating income department as well.

Come at me bro

Monster Hunter Rise was released during the last week of the 2020 fiscal year. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition “performed well” while older releases Monster Hunter World: Iceborn and Resident Evil 2 put up big sales numbers. Rise sold 4 million units the first week.

With the recent release of Resident Evil: Village and upcoming titles like Ghosts N Goblins Resurrection, Monster Hunter: Rise (PC) and potentially Street Fighter VI, Capcom should have nothing to worry about for the near future. The company developed a formula that clearly works for them, and fans have been happy with most of their releases thus far.

What do you hope to see from Capcom in the next year? Sound off in the comments below!

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