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Check out the amazing new cinematic opening for ‘Persona 5: Royal’

Atlus has been showing more of Persona 5: Royal as the release date in Japan is only one month away. The next piece of media they released was ahead of Tokyo Game Show, beginning September 12th, which the game will be heavily showcased.

Atlus has released the opening cinematic for P5R, showcasing the original Phantom Theives and newcomer, Kasumi Yoshiwaza. The song playing is the new theme song, “Colors Flying High”, which was first revealed at the Persona Live Concert back in April.

Persona 5: Royal will be an expansion to the original Persona 5 game that was released in Japan 2016 and worldwide in 2017. The game will have a playable third term, Kichijoji will be a new location, and a brand new confidant in the school counselor, Takuto Makuri.

Persona 5: Royal will be available on October 31st in Japan and Spring 2020 for western audience.


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