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Did You Know Movies explores the history of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie

Plus, Did You Know Gaming? looks at mistakes in Sonic games

Do you have your tickets ready? Sonic the Hedgehog officially hits theaters this Friday (though several are hosting early showings on Thursday), and the hype around the Blue Blur’s return* to the silver screen is almost palpable. As a result, it seems like everyone is talking about the heroic hedgehog, and the folks at Did You Know Movies are, of course, no different.

This video basically explores the long and rocky road the film has journeyed down to finally reach this point, a point which so many other movies (still waiting on an update on Golden Axe, Altered Beast, or Streets of Rage) never reach. Naturally, much of this surrounds the controversial and largely-maligned original design and the process of changing that, but there’s some other history leading up to that here as well.

Meanwhile, sister channel Did You Know Gaming? sifts through the history of the franchise to find a variety of foibles, botches, and other mistakes:

Oh well, pobody’s nerfect. At least Paramount and the film’s crew were able to correct their biggest mistake before sending the movie out to us, and while there are no reviews from mainstream outlets yet, the general consensus seems to be that they made the right call.

* You didn’t forget the two Wreck-It Ralph movies, did you?

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