Don’t be a fool – SEGA shop has a 15% sitewide sale today

Shopping spree time!

SEGA is truly going all out for April Fool’s day. This morning, we reported on the whacky collab between the blue brand and GFuel. Nothing like starting your day caffeinated with chili dog flavored energy drinks!

Continuing their crazy escapades is a 15% off sitewide sale on SEGA Shop. That really means everything on the site: Cups, bags, pins, mousepads, phone cases, pendants, you name it. You can grab some Sonic masks and change up your style while going out in public.

Unfortunately this promo code does not work on items already on sale at like 50% off.

SEGA merchandise mugs
Can I just get them all?

Here’s a list of items already I think are pretty neat. I put the original price and the discount right next to it:

You better go fast – this offer only lasts until midnight PST. This means everyone in the Midwest and East Coast get a little extra time, huehuehue. Although, I wouldn’t wait until midnight to make your decisions. You might end up buying more than you anticipated.

All hail our SEGA overlords.

Marcin Gulik

Live and learn everyday. Dreamcast and Shenmue are the epitome of gaming!

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