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Dreamcast game Heavy Metal: Geomatrix is getting official merchandise

Incendium, official partners of Heavy Metal Magazine, have just cracked open the Heavy Metal vault. Lo and behold, there were some Dreamcast-era treasures hidden inside…

Produced by Capcom and SEGA for the NAOMI board and Dreamcast in 2001, Heavy Metal: Geomatrix is an arena-style, deathmatch-fighting game in the vein of Virtua-On. It had a killer soundtrack, great combat and some amazing character designs by Heavy Metal mainstay Simon Bisley.

Recently, Incendium uncovered some of Bisley’s art from the game, and you’ll soon be able to own them on a T-shirt.

From Incendium: While scouring the archives we came across some incredible works by artist Simon Bisley from the Eastman era of Heavy Metal. These illustrations were created during the development of Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2. and Heavy Metal Geomatrix – we’re bringing them back with incredible new scans for the first time in decades!

Head over to Incendium Online to check out the Geomatrix shirts available for pre-order right now, including one of game’s full ensemble and a concept sketch of one of the characters, Mayfly.

Now, if only we could get that port of F.A.K.K. 2 on the Dreamcast…



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