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E3 officials deny this year’s event would be behind a paywall

E3 free for all

After years of needing to work in the industry, Electronic Entertainment Expo was opened up to the public in 2017. The ESA announced that for 2021 they were going to produce a digital event. The Video Games Chronicle and “Multiple publishing sources” have reported that E3 would be behind a “premium package” for $35 USD which was shot down via Twitter:

It’s possible the ESA sent out feelers for the concept before they sent out this tweet. Unfortunately it didn’t look like gaming fans or publishers were having any of it. Definitely not the smartest PR move on their part if it was true.

In the 26 year history of E3, now reportedly rebranded as the “Electronic Entertainment Experience”, has been hit with some terrible lows. In 1997, they moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta because of the inability to secure the debut venue for another year. 2015 marked the first year that PC gaming was featured, which spun off into Bethesda having its own annual conference. 2008 marked the year of the lowest attendance overall with only five thousand people.

Let’s hope that when we are able to return to normality, that E3 can be the most anticipated event of the year like it used to be!

This year’s E3 will be a one week event. All the gaming mayhem starts on June 13th.

What were your favorite E3 moments? Leave them in the comments below!!

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