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[Update] Fan Stuff: Chill out with some Space Harrier jazz

[Update: 09/04/2013] foreversonic has updated the song, adding to it and “tidied up some parts”. Plus you can now download and carry the song around with you on your walkmans, iPods, MP3 players, Discmans and phones (or whatever musical playing device takes your fancy).

Lovely stuff foreversonic. Keep up the smooth (‘smooth’ as in jazz – get it?) work. – Links below updated for new version[/Update] 

Twitter user and Sonic fan @foreversonic has uploaded a new piece of SEGA-related music to his SoundCloud account, a jazz version of the main theme from Space Harrier.

Foreversonic has been a part of the Sonic community for quite some time now. You might have seen him over at TheSonicStadium, FastFeet Media (now SEGA Media) and on RadioSEGA, amongst other sites. Anyway, just sit back, relax and enjoy the smooth sounds of ‘Jazz Harrier’.



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