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Panzer Dragoon: Remake gameplay footage revealed at Gamescom

There’s huge news coming out of Gamescom 2019 – actual gameplay footage of the upcoming Panzer Dragoon: Remake! The audio quality is a bit degraded since it’s off-screen footage, but the game is looking fantastic!

It’s pretty obvious that a lot of extra details have been added to the ocean ruins, and the stone pillars from the original game have been replaced by these tilted monoliths and buildings. The new aesthetic really feeds into the sense that this land has been ravaged by disaster.

Aside from the graphical updates, comparisons to the SEGA Saturn version show that the player will encounter enemies and progress through structures in the same manner. It seems that Forever Entertainment is staying true to providing the fans a true one-for-one experience of this classic.

Also of note, there’s apparently an ongoing survey to gauge the interest of a collector’s edition. No details have been released on what it could include, but if survey samples are positive, we could be looking at getting some extra goodies.

Panzer Dragoon: Remake is scheduled to be released in late 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

[Thanks for the tip, Panzer Dragoon World!]


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