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Get Binary Domain, Condemned, Streets of Rage 2 for free

This has been one heckuva week for cheapasses out there. First, SEGA announced they were giving away Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit on Steam, and now they’re giving away some more games.

Joining the list of free games are Binary Domain, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Streets of Rage 2 on Steam.

The giveaway is part of SEGA’s Make Love Not War 3 event, where they ask fans to choose their sides between Dawn of War II, Total War Attila and Company of Heroes 2Dawn of War II won the first round with 23 percent of the vote.

SEGA’s already showed that Gunstar Heroes, Viking: Battle For Asgard and Renegade Ops are the next games to be given away. This is pretty much the best week ever.


Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief of Mega Visions Magazine and the co-creator of SEGA Nerds. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. He's also an avid pro wrestling fan, and it's still real to him, dammit.

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