Here’s the latest trailer for Stella Glow

With less than a month to go until the west gets its hands on Stella Glow, Atlus has decided to release another trailer from the game. According to Atlus’ description in the trailer,

For an entire millennium, the world has been devoid of “song” as a result of a savage war. Only 5 Witches left in the land are able to use “song magic.” However, Hilda the Witch of Destruction plans to eliminate the other Witches and the world with her curse of Crystallization. Alto and the Regnant Knights must now do all they can to stop Hilda, starting with recruiting the other Witches and using their power of song to break the curse.

You can check out the trailer above.

Stella Glow will be released on November 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Via YouTube 


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