Is Persona 5 R or Arena on the Horizon?

Today Atlus released a teaser trailer for an upcoming Persona 5 announcement in March. An announcement for an announcement! Hooray! Sarcasm aside, this could mean anything from Persona 5 Golden edition to the fan-desired fighter Persona 5 Arena. What do you think they will announce?

What’s interesting to note is the PlayStation logo before the teaser. Since Joker was just announced as a fighter for Smash Bros. Ultimate, rumors began flying regarding a Switch version of Persona 5, but there was no Nintendo logo in this teaser. Also worth noting is the ending web domain “,” which comes from a recent domain registration.

Between Joker in Smash, this teaser, and the rumored title “Persona 5 R,” it looks like 2019 will be shaping up to be a great year for Persona fans!

And if you dig Persona 5, don’t forget to check out our review on the recently-released Persona Dancing Endless Night Collection.



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