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Let’s look at SEGA’s offerings at New York Toy Fair 2020

Sonic, Streets of Rage, Bayonetta, Golden Axe, and so much more!

Every February, folks from all across the toy industry, from high-ranking executives and buyers for massive retail chains down to reporters from various websites descend upon New York for Toy Fair. 2020, of course, is no different.

We didn’t have anyone present for the event (maybe next year), and oh, what an event to miss! Toy Fair 2020 was seeping SEGA from every possible pore! Okay, maybe there wasn’t quite that much, but nevertheless more than I think any of us were expecting. So we’ve scoured the darkest corners of the SEGAnet in order to get you up to speed on all the fantastic merch you’ll be able to part with your hard-earned rings for in the near future.

The return of Tiger Electronics LCD handhelds from Hasbro

You might have already heard about this, as it was the news to kick off the show, so we might as well put it up front and center: Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro, is making a comeback with re-releases of several of their LCD handheld games from the early ’90s! If you’re reading this site, then it should come as little surprise to you that nostalgia is big business, and these little time-wasters are no doubt going to tickle the nostalgic heartstrings of many a ’90s kid who only got to see new “real” video games at Christmas of whenever their birthday rolled around (or, in some cases, when they did really well on their report card).

Four of these have been announced so far in Transformers: Generation 2, X-Men: Project X, The Little Mermaid, and of course, the one that brings it to this site, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (though to be fair, Ariel and Cyclops starred in their share of games for various SEGA platforms as well). Each is priced at $14.99 ($19.99 in Canada), and requires two AA batteries (not included). They’re due sometime this fall and can be pre-ordered at GameStop’s website, though if you live up in Canada, you’re going to want to go into an EB Games store — that is, unless you like to live dangerously, as their website will only send you one at random.

Jakks Pacific’s Sonic the Hedgehog figures and plush

Image Source: Nintendo World Report

Jakks had a good showing of their Sonic the Hedgehog line at the show, with several shelves packed with wares.

From the top, we have an assortment of differently-sized Classic Sonic the Hedgehog plushes, including a giant Sonic and a giant Tails, as well as smaller versions of Sonic, Super Sonic, Amy Rose, and — be still, my beating heart — Mighty the Armadillo! Did you ever think you’d see the day? No Ray in sight, but hopefully he’s not too far behind his big buddy.

On the next shelf down, we have two lines of action figures. The set on the right, comprised of Eggman, Sonic, Shadow, and Tails, are your standard articulated modern renditions, each with an accessory. On the left is something a little sportier, as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow are each geared up to play a different type of ball, be it soccer/football, volleyball, basketball, and whatever it is Shadow has (rugby?).

The next shelf down, features a Green Hill Zone playset, with a loop, rings, platform, and spring, and appears to come with a Sonic figure. On the right are more Modern Sonic figures that seem smaller than the ones on the shelf above, but scaled to the playset. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Metal Sonic are joined by a Chao, who has more rings that look like they might work with the playset.

Finally, the bottom shelf has some Sonic the Hedgehog movie merchandise you might have already seen, including a plush talking Sonic (who seems to use the beloved revamped design), the Spin Dash Sonic toy that was seen a while back, and plush Baby Sonics (the latter two using pre-Hesse designs).

For a closer look at all of these, please visit Nintendo World Report’s gallery.

Image Source: The Toyark

Good Smile Company’s Bayonetta Nendoroid figure

Shifting things from Sonic for a moment, it’s Witch Time!

The Good Smile Company had a ton of Figma and Nendoroids at their booth, but this one caught our eye: The bewitching Bayonetta herself!

As you can see, it’s still in the prototype stage, but looking good. There doesn’t seem to be any other info, either, with a release date To Be Determined.

For additional pics, along with a full gallery of many, many others from the Good Smile Company’s booth, check out The Toyark’s coverage.

Image Source: Gaming Age

First 4 Figures’ Sonic statue

Makers of high-end video game statues First 4 Figures was also in attendance, and they had their Classic Sonic statue along for the ride. You can see another image of this among many other pictures in Gaming Age’s gallery, along with a couple more at Nintendo World Report.

Image Source: Mezco HK

Diamond Select Toys and Mezco HK’s Sonic movie statue

To be distributed by Diamond Select Toys (a branch of comic distributor Diamond), Mezco HK has shown off this nifty (if a little out of focus) statue of Sonic the Hedgehog, as he appears in the record-breaking motion picture.

Image Source: Mezco HK

Diamond Select Toys and Mezco HK’s Classic Sonic figure

In addition, Mezco and Diamond also showed off what seems like their take on Tomy’s Ultimate Classic Sonic figure. It comes with an interchangeable head and hands, and according to Sonic Stadium, there’s a similar Knuckles figure planned, too.

Image Source: The Toyark

Storm Collectibles’ Golden Axe and Streets of Rage 4 figures

Storm Collectibles was set up at the Bluefin/Bandai Namco booth with a few goodies set up. Gotta warn you, though, these ain’t cheap.

SEGA classic Golden Axe gets some highly-articulated action figure love with the arrival of Ax (spelled “Axe” on the tag) Battler on March 20th. He’ll slay more than Death Adder, though, as he’ll take a good $130 USD out of your wallet as well. He’ll have some bony butts to kick a month later, as the Skeleton 2-pack is slated for April 20th. Fortunately, that will only set you back 60 bones.

In addition, his more modern day descendent* Axel Stone was on display, appearing as he does in the upcoming Streets of Rage 4. No date or price on this one yet, though.

The Toyark has many more pictures of this lot, along with Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and more. If that’s not enough for you, Brutal Gamer has their own gallery as well.

* That’s why he’s named “Axel,” right? Because he’s descended from a guy named “Ax”? No? Okay then.

Image Source: Nintendo World Report

Just Toys International’s Classic Sonic backpack hangers

Classic Sonic backpack hangers! They only show a pair of different Sonics, Eggman, and Tails, but the store display says there are 11 to collect. Amy Rose and Knuckles are shown on the bag, too, and there are some based on Nintendo’s Kirby there as well, so you can have a mini-Smash battle on your backpack, purse, belt loops, or wherever you don’t mind having cute critters duke it out. You can see all of that at Nintendo World Report.

Just Funky’s SEGA and Sonic stuff

Finally, we’ve saved the best — or at least the most varied — for last. Just Funky had all kinds of crazy stuff at their booth: A SEGA Genesis controller throw pillow, a SEGA Genesis lunchbox, and lots of Sonic stuff: Fleece throws, mugs, a cookie jar shaped like Tails’ head, cups, glasses, bottles, cardboard cut-outs, pins… and maybe some other stuff, too. You can find all that (plus some similar Doom items in (you guessed it) Nintendo World Report’s gallery.

…there’s even a pin of Infinite, from Sonic Forces. Is there anything else of him?

And that’s it!

Or is it?

If there’s something you’ve seen that we missed, be it a cool item or just details about something here, drop us a line or leave us a comment below (or just tell us which stuff you’ve gotta have)!

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