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New Persona Fighting Game in the works

Blazblue Director Toshimichi Mori has confirmed that a sequel to 2012’s Persona 4 Arena is currently in the works. Mori unveiled the plans in an interview with Kotaku discussing the game design that went into developing Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle.

Persona 4 Arena has been an afterthought for many fans of anime fighters, having to compete with the likes of Blazblue, Guilty Gear Xrd, and Under Night In-Birth. The game has managed to take the spotlight at EVO 2013 and 2015, albeit with relatively low entries.

That said, the massive success of Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal could prove promising for the spin-off. Persona 5 itself sold well over 3.2 million units not counting the P5R expansion. And a new entry in the series would make sense: Dragon Ball FighterZ and Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle are both hitting season 3 this year.

Some say that it was only a matter of time. Gematsu pointed out in 2017 that the domain was registered (P5U = Persona 5 Ultimax?). Even during 2017’s Arc Revolution Cup, Persona 4 Arena series director Kazuhisa Wada stated that a “Persona 5 Arena” would ride on the coattails of Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, so long as it was successful.

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