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Paprium now playable on Analogue Mega Sg thanks to firmware update

Watermelon Games recently released Paprium a couple months ago, and while many have been happy enough the game was finally completed, others were frustrated with the game’s lack of compatibility with “clone systems,” like the Analogue Mega Sg.

In fact, there were even certain original Genesis/Mega Drive hardware that weren’t compatible with early versions of the game. Thankfully, the issue has at least been rectified with Mega Sg compatibility as Analogue just released a new firmware update (version 4.8) that finally adds compatibility for Paprium!

If you need help updating your firmware, Analogue has an update page that walks you through the process.

The full release notes are below:

v4.8 notes:

– Added blurring for the entire screen – enable dither blending and set blending depth to maximum
– Added SPD HDMI packet to identify as ‘Mega sg”
– Added timing sliders for Sega CD
– Added horizontal position slider for DAC/analog output
– Added SMS Model 1 reset by pressing X, Y, and Z at the same time on a 6 button controller
– Fixed non-visble top scanline in HDMI
– Fixed graphical corruption in Paprium
– Fixed six button controller reading for Ultracore, Paprium and other games
– Fixed cartridge adapters failing to work properly if startup is set to “Cartridge Direct”
– Fixed Spider Man: Web of Fire 32x cartridge not working
– Fixed non-centered picture when horizontal/vertical position sliders are centered
– Fixed Z80 inability to write to the cartridge bus
– Fixed timing bug reported by krikzz

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