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Patron-Only Side Show Episode 9: Edward Furlong and Liquids with Him

Welcome to the world of Brainscan! A thriller horror from the magical year of 1994 starring everyone’s favorite robot killer: Eddie Furlong!

What happens when a video game becomes a reality, but in that reality you suddenly begin murdering people?! What would you do? And how would The Trickster help you get through it? TornadoeJones (Corey) of Scrubverse joins us this episode to figure out what the 90’s were thinking and why we feel so strongly about it.

Next episode we will begin discussing the video game, Snatcher! Hideo Kojima’s second video game, greatly inspired by Blade Runner and 1984 mythos. As fans of Blade Runner, but somehow never haven played Snatcher, we are very excited to discuss it!

The Side Show podcast will be released bi-weekly, alternating with the Mega Visions Show, and is a patron-exclusive show – meaning we’re creating just for you! If you don’t want to listen to it on Patreon, you can add our private RSS to your podcast player of choice in the Patreon post description! Thanks for the support!



Been playing Sega forever with a few of his favorites including Sonic 3, Saturn Bomberman, and Zero Tolerance. Scotty has written about Sega and hosted Sega-themed podcasts the better part of the last decade and can sometimes be seen on stage behind a drum kit.

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