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Polymega can be hacked to play games you don’t already own

When I saw the Polymega at E3, I was blown away from the intuitiveness of the console. It really was super simple to switch from one game to another. Unlike the emulation from some of the AtGames consoles, these were top notch. Many of us at Mega Visions were super stoked to finally pre-order the console once it went online.

In February, we reported ongoing issues regarding Polymega’s shipment. The company took matters into their own hands, stating shipments for Walmart customers could arrive between April and May. Some already seemed to receive their own console.

Polymega selection screen

Those who got the console report Polymega can be hacked to play games you don’t already own. YouTuber popixel shows off this technique in his latest video. The technique is similar to using IPS patch files on Hyperkin’s Retron 5. According to popixel, most of your IPS patch files should carry over if you’ve done it before.

The retro console company touts the ability to play physical games and digitally back them up on the machine. While this might disappoint some collection purists, I could see how emulating games could be beneficial to rare titles that are just too darn expensive. If we’re thinking of SEGA Saturn titles specifically, I think I can save $200 plus for another swing at Panzer Dragoon Saga.

You can get a look at popixel’s emulation demonstration in the video above. What are your thoughts on this discovery? Are you still waiting for your Polymega? I know we still are. Share your thoughts below!

Marcin Gulik

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