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Project Dream, the group behind Dreamcast 2, shuts down

Back in December, you might have read up on a petition for the Dreamcast 2. The petition asked SEGA to “license and release a Dreamcast 2 designed and supported by the community”, and Project Dream was ready to start working on a prototype. The group even had an apparent Dreamcast 2 UI , which they showed off in January.

Unfortunately, it looks like the team has had some conflict from within and has disbanded the group.

The project has been taken offline. This is due to a schism within the team caused by inefficient and amateurish conduct resulting in members being removed and others leaving the team. In light of such unprofessional behavior and an embarrassing lack of progress, seasoned members of the gaming industry have chosen to distance themselves from the project. I too am stepping away from Project Dream. Please note the Twitter account @Project_DreamDC is no longer associated with this group.

The Project Dream site was taken down, along with their Facebook page. While the dream may have ended for the group, we can always hope SEGA one day re-enters the console business.

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