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Rumor: A giant Sonic movie leak reveals story and character details

The Sonic movie is scheduled to be released this fall, and the only official details from Paramount was a poster of a silhouette of Sonic and some real athletic legs in movie theaters across America.

Despite the lack of details from Paramount, information has been leaked over the past week from sources who claim to have seen the movie. This was detailed in a Reddit AMA, but was swiftly taken down.

Fortunately, Resetera preserved the information and shared it on Twitter. The information discussed Sonic’s origins, the meeting of Sonic and Tom (his cop buddy), and Eggman’s role in the movie.

According to the AMA, Sonic escapes his planet as a baby and lives in the shadows on Earth, trying to survive:

Sonic’s origins: Sonic escapes his birth planet as a baby (rings are how Sonic got to Earth. He can throw one and imagine a place and it will take him there), is found by an owl and grows up on Earth. Ends up alone after some time and grows up staying hidden. He pretty much scavenges and lives in the shadows. He is known as “the blue devil” to the locals and thought of as an urban legend until he is found out about. Loneliness gets to him which leads to the government bringing in Robotnik to find the energy disturbance caused by Sonic. (Sonic makes an electrically charged run when he focuses or gets extremely emotional. His charged run is why he gets detected and how doc comes into the film.) Hijinks ensue and a good story is told as Tom the cop and Sonic become besties.

When it comes to Sonic and Tom’s first meeting, Tom find Sonic digging in his trash can and throws him in a cage.

How Sonic and Tom meet: Tom has raccoon problems in his trash. When he goes to deal with it, he sees Sonic face to face for the first time. He tranqs him and puts him in a cage. Robotnik shows up, but they escape and Tom begrudgingly agrees to help Sonic. Sonic has to go to San Francisco because he activated his ring portal power and dropped the bag of rings into it, dumping them on top of the Golden Gate Bridge (donuts may also be involved? The wording on that detail was a bit confusing). Tom drives him there because he is moving to San Francisco to prove to himself that he can handle real cop crime and not Montana small world problems. Tika Sumpter plays Tom’s wife Annie. She’s a veterinarian and since she was known to Sonic when he watched them from afar as being kind to animals, he felt he could trust them both.

As for Robotnik, it seems like his character will be portrayed as a regular person (and crazy doctor) who works for the government,

Eggman’s role: Robotnik (who is never referred to as Eggman) is just a psycho doc that works for the government initially. He has drones that can track and shoot, as well as a large tank. He’s super obnoxiously smart and makes tons of comments in the film about how superior his brain is. Has the typical long coat and all dark evil scientist look, short mustache as well initially. He gradually gets crazier and more obsessed with Sonic as the film goes, and doesn’t rock the signature look until tail end of movie, when he is defeated and ends up on a foreign planet that Sonic was supposed to escape to in the event of being found on earth. He is now hefty and rocking the full blown ‘stache.

You can read the rest of the details here. While these details could be inaccurate, I don’t see this information as being out of the realm of possibility. I guess we’ll all learn together when the first trailer gets revealed.

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