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RUMOR: Xbox looking to acquire Relic Entertainment from SEGA

There are many rumors circulating around that Xbox Studios is looking to acquire a new game studio. Relic Entertainment has been a subsidiary of SEGA of America since their buyout from THQ’s bankruptcy in 2013. Relic Entertainment had two games published by SEGA, Company of Heroes 2 and Warhammar 40,000: Dawn of War III.

Twitter user Klobrille, who has been reliable with past leaks, posted tweets with the Xbox Game Studios logo along side Relic Entertainment. Many have interpreted as Xbox soon acquiring Relic Entertainment from SEGA.

As of now, SEGA is not doing financially well and it is confirmed that Relic is producing Age of Empires IV, a new entry in the Xbox series, Age of Empires. With Microsoft possibly announcing a new console at E3 2019, this new acquisition for Xbox could work out for both Xbox and SEGA in the long run.

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