See the First 4 Figures Ryo Hazuki statue get unboxed

First 4 Figures has recently begun shipping the highly anticipated and pricey Ryo Hazuki statues that were highly limited to only 750. Adam Koralik of Figure It Out Productions has recently posted an unboxing video showing the Ryo statue and a special limited edition that was even more rare.

The $170 Hazuki statue is First 4 Figures first entry in its line of SEGA All-Star statues that will “look at a range of legendary characters from SEGA’s past and present.” The statue is 1/6 in scale and stands 12 inches tall.

OK, color us jealous. We totally want one, and we don’t have one, so naturally, our first instinct is to call Adam mean names, like how much of a douche he is because he has not one but two of them in his possession. But we totally won’t do that, douchebag.

[Thanks for the tip, Bigger Dipper Art!]


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