SEGA asks 650 employees to voluntarily retire

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses pretty hard in the past year, and the gaming industry has not been immune to its effects. Earlier this week, SEGA announced selling off a big chunk of its arcade business, expecting huge loses this past fiscal year.

On top of selling off its arcade business, the company asked 650 of its employees across the company to retire. Those who apply would receive “payment of extraordinary retirement allowances and reemployment support for applicants.” In addition to the 650 retirees, some execs at the top will get 5-20% monthly cuts, and SEGA’s representative director will take a 30% monthly cut.

What this means for their core gaming division is yet to be seen. Stay tuned to Mega Visions for the latest.

SEGA Sammy

Marcin Gulik

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