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SEGA Genesis game, Eyra the Crow Maiden, coming soon; Demo out now

Last year, developers Second Dimension R&T, LLC announced a new SEGA Genesis and NES game on Kickstarter. Titled Eyra the Crow Maiden, “The game’s gameplay and mechanics are based on titles such as Rastan Saga, Cadash, Castlevania, Blades of Vengeance and Jill of the Jungle.” It was fully funded in less than 24 hours!

One year later, we have some good news for those waiting on the SEGA Genesis version.

For the 16 bit tiers, some progress news for you!

So what’s the overall status for the Sega version? 99.9% of the music and sfx are done, all of the graphics for the core game are done (some screens need to be added or touched up), the engine is done with the exception of the Crow Hanging ability for Eyra, and I think 3 or 4 enemy AI’s need to be implemented. Only the first boss is done, but I can generally knock out a boss in an afternoon. 


Additionally, a demo of the 16-bit version is now available for download. In the demo, you get to play the first level and boss.

We’ll keep you posted as more updates head our way!

Marcin Gulik

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