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SEGA introduces “Fog Gaming” technology for Japanese arcades

Last week, we reported Famitsu claiming a “major scoop” on SEGA that’d be revealed the first week of June. Earlier today, Famitsu and Gematsu announced what it is.

According to Gematsu, SEGA is researching and developing “Fog Gaming”. This is a cloud-based platform that could potentially be used by Japanese arcades.

Fog Gaming would repurpose arcades across Japan as part of the cloud, as well as channel arcade game machines’ CPUs and GPUs, resulting in lower costs. This would provide ultra low latency, and the concept is similar to fog computing. Players would be able to enjoy high-quality games, and arcades would be able to make money even after business hours.

This is definitely an interesting development from SEGA and could revolutionize the way arcades function. Unfortunately, it looks like this is strictly in Japan. Considering western arcades are not as popular as in the east, I wouldn’t expect this coming here anytime soon.

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Marcin Gulik

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