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SEGA is releasing a celebratory album for the SEGA Genesis Mini in Japan

"Japan gets all the cool stuff" -Scotty

With the release of the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Mini already behind us, SEGA has decided to take the opportunity to release a celebratory album exclusively in Japan.

The “Mega Drive Mini -Celebratory Album-” as it’s called will be released on December 12th and will include one track from eight different games as well as the menu music. As a bonus, four remixes of the menu theme have also been composed. The album will also have a booklet that includes stories about the production of the menu music by Yuzo Kozo songs as well as explanation of the “Super Arranged Versions” by Jun Takanishi.

Here is the entire track list:

01. Mega Drive Mini -Menu Music- -Original Ver.-
02. Gunstar Heroes -Super Arr Ver.-
03. Hybrid Front -Super Arr Ver.-
04. Comics Zone -Super Arr Ver.-
05. Columns -Super Arr Ver.-
06. Golden Ax -Super Arr Ver.-
07. Thunderforce Ⅲ -Super Arr Ver.-
08. Space Harrier II -Super Arr Ver.-
09. Phantasy Star-At the end of the millennium- Super Arr Ver.-

<SOUND! SHOCK Bonus Track>
10. Mega Drive Mini -Menu Music- -DAW Ver.1-
11. Mega Drive Mini -Menu Music- -DAW Ver.2-
12. Mega Drive Mini -Menu Music- -MUCOM88 PC-88FA Ver.-
13. Mega Drive Mini -Menu Music- -mucomMD2vgm Ver.-

This is just another collaboration between SEGA and Shock! Sound Series, they’ve also released albums based on Fantasy Zone and Daytona USA. The base price, as suggested on their website, is ¥3,000, which is $28 in US currency.

If you plan on getting it, let us know and while you’re here, check out our review of the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Mini here.


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