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SEGA Japan halts sales of Judgment due to actor’s arrest

Judgement, or better known in Japan, Judge Eyes, is seeing major success since it’s release back in December. Recently, one of the prominent actors has gotten himself into some trouble with Japan law.

Masanori Taki, better known as Pierre Taki, was arrested early Wednesday morning for possession of cocaine and confessed to using the drug as well. Taki is portraying Kyohei Hamura, a Tojo clan member and friend of Takayuki Yagami.

Because of his arrest, SEGA Japan announced that they will halt sales and distribution of the game all across Japan. They apologize for inconveniences and hope to get the game in circulation as soon as possible.

As for Pierre Taki, he is currently in Tokyo custody and could be facing severe jail time if he is convicted.


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