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SEGA Sammy Q3 report for FY 2019 released

SEGA sees increase in sales and decrease in income

SEGA Sammy has released its Q3 report for the 2019 Fiscal Year.

In the nine month period of FY 2019, SEGA Sammy has seen a 4% decrease in sales from last year at ¥250 billion ($2.3 billion). Also operating income and took a steep down slide from ¥25 billion ($227 million) to ¥11 billion ($100 million) from last year. That in itself is a 53.5% decrease from last years report.

Moving on to SEGA Entertainment, it is reported that SEGA sold 18.5 million copies of packaged games, a increase from last years 14.2 million. This is thanks to new titles, such as Football Manager 2019 and Judgement. Net sales have SEGA’s package at ¥166 billion ($1.5 billion), an increase of 5.2% from last years report. However, income from the entertainment saw a decrease of 38.6% from last year at ¥10.6 billion ($96 million).

Because of this outcome, SEGA Sammy has adjusted its overall forecast until March 31, 2019. SEGA Sammy has adjusted its net sales at ¥337 billion ($3 billion) a 13.6% decrease from its former projected sales. Operating income also saw a 38.1% decrease at ¥13 billion ($118 million).

Source: SEGA Sammy


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