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SEGA talks Sonic: Lost World at E3

Well for those of you who watched GameTrailers’ live stream yesterday, you might have already caught this, but for those who weren’t glued to their Internet might have missed SEGA America’s Aaron Webber showing off and explaining more about Sonic: Lost World.

Fortunately the video footage from the stream has now been uploaded separately and we can all enjoy Aaron guiding the guys from GameTrailers through some of the gameplay. Enjoy!

But that’s not all. SEGA also released a trailer for the 3DS version of the game. But, if you have already seen the Wii U trailer, then it’s hard to get too excited for this 3DS one – it’s basically the same thing (showing off the same CGI with the baddies) but with some 3DS footage thrown in.

That said, the game is looking pretty darn spiffy on both Nintendo platforms!

[Thanks: Sonic Paradise Videos (Youtube)]



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