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SEGA to celebrate 30 years of Sonic with anniversary concert?

Licensing magazine spills the beans.

Is the Blue Blur coming to your town to rock his way through his big 30th anniversary?


While nothing has been officially announced as of yet, Australia’s Total Licensing magazine features a page all about Sonic the Hedgehog in their February 2021 issue, where other known commodities such as the Netflix Sonic Prime animated series or the LEGO Sonic Mania set are featured.

The concert doesn’t have a spotlight of its own, but rather, is mentioned in passing alongside other product to come over the course of the 30th anniversary:

SEGA’s Sonic is a billion-dollar franchise and one of the most popular and enduring video game characters of all time… Throughout 2021, SEGA will be celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary with new game content, a music concert with special guests and a wide array of new licensing and merchandising partnerships.

Of course, one shouldn’t mistake this for an official announcement — things could change, after all, especially in this crazy world, and we’re not even sure when this was approved to go to press.

Incidentally, one would be remiss not to take note of the “new game content,” but that’s not only to be expected, but maybe a little too broad to really focus on at the moment.

Say what you want about Sonic‘s gameplay, or story, or what have you, but at least we can count on the music to be good, so an anniversary concert seems like a slam dunk.

You can see the page over at Sonic Stadium, or if you’re a fan of thumbing through licensing mags, then you can check out and even download the entire thing right over here.

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