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SEGA updating Dreamcast titles on Steam

Earlier this month, SEGA dropped this very low-key update on the Steam discussion forums:

“You may have noticed some new things crop up in our existing Dreamcast collection on Steam, such as achievements. Currently this content isn’t accessible but it’s part of an initiative from SEGA over the next few months which is going to improve the player experience for these titles. We don’t have an exact date for these improvements just yet but please bear with us, we’ll keep you posted with more information just as soon as we’re able to.”

So there you have it. Achievements are being added plus some cryptic “improvements” to be announced later. Currently there is no information as to when exactly “later” refers or which titles are being updated, but let’s cross our collective fingers and hope for all of them.


Are there any improvements you’d really like to see? All I want to know is, when can we finally get a few “improvements” for Sonic ’06?

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