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SFTW: Unused sprites found in OutRun

Doh! I had intended to post this up a couple of months ago, but being British, I got confused with the American way of writing dates and scheduled it for June instead of March. Smeg.

Anyway, in this week’s Something for the Weekend (SFTW), we take a quick look (above) at some unused/hidden sprites from the classic arcade title, OutRun – discovered by the guys at Reassembler many, many weeks ago.

It appears that a motor bike was to be in the game, it is speculated that it could have been a form of traffic, not a playable vehicle.

There are also two sets of sprites for the end of the game, one with a genie saying “Magic lamp” and an extra bit to the ending, where the ‘hero’ falls over after receiving the trophy.

It’s always fun to find something hidden in a classic game, even more surprising is when a game as old as OutRun keeps coming up with little ‘Easter eggs’. Find more details and information over at Reassembler.

[Source: Reassembler, via RadioSEGA] [Image layout taken from RadioSEGA]


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