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Shenmue III is headed to E3 2019

Earlier this week, we reported that Shenmue III‘s release date got pushed back to November 19, 2019. Although Shenmue fans will have to wait a tad bit longer for the game (We’ve waited over 15 years, it’ll be fine!), the press can have an opportunity to check out Shenmue III at this year’s E3.

Shenmue III is scheduled to have a room in the business area open to the media. Expect to see S3 info from media around the world! (Yu Suzuki is not planned to participate in the exhibit hall events.)

E3 2019 Official Site

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Expect to hear new details regarding Shenmue III next week!


Marcin Gulik

Live and learn everyday. Dreamcast and Shenmue are the epitome of gaming!

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