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Report: Shenmue III will take longer to beat than I & II

There are are many reasons to be excited in 2019 for SEGA fans. For Shenmue fans specifically, we can look forward to Shenmue III when it gets released this August.

Yu Suzuki and the rest of the team have been going around doing interviews for Shenmue III, and the latest round of questioning to Suzuki-san might get some fans a little excited.

Last week, a member of the Shenmue Dojo did a rough translation of Suzuki’s interview from G-Fusion Tour 2018, which revealed some new details regarding Shenmue III‘s gameplay.

According to the translation, the new combat is

“very varied, richer, and more playable”. Takeuchi-san elaborates that the goal is to create a combat system that welcomes players of different skill levels, and that a lot of consideration of design and balance went into making combat feel fun for all players. He finishes saying a lot of effort went into the combat. Yu’s ambitions are to show a lifelike representation of Chinese martial arts.

Certain mini games that appeared in Shenmue I & II won’t make an appearance, but the team replaced them with new ones that could be far more interesting. Some old favorites will return, however, like Lucky Hit, Excite QTE, capsule toys, and forklifts.

During the interview, Suzuki also implied that Shenmue III would take much longer to complete than I & II. According to the Dojo’s translation,

Yu says Shenmue III is more of a hardcore game than the originals because of elements of playability and increased degree of freedom, it seems to be implied Shenmue III may take longer to complete than the originals (Yu says I & II are single week games, III is a multi-week game). Also seems to infer players can interact, or not interact, with content how they choose. Not completely clear on what this means. 

Shenmue Dojo

You can read the full post here. What do you think of this new info? Discuss in the comments below.


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