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Shenmue III’s trial version comes out in September for Kickstarter & Slacker backers

During Shenmue III‘s initial Kickstarter run, a trial version of the game was promised when you donated to the right tier. There was not much info about the trial, until today’s Kickstarter update.

Today we would like to make an announcement concerning the Kickstarter and Slacker Backer trial version of Shenmue III.

The trial version is scheduled for release during the second half of September. The elements and features to be included have almost all been pinned down, and we are now working to finalize a delivery date with our partners. Once a date has been confirmed, another announcement will be made here in the updates.

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Shenmue III’s trial version will feature a “stand-alone act” that takes place in Bailu Village. It will take an hour to beat the trial, but you will be able to continue to play after the objective has been met.

This trial will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store. In order to play the trial, you will have to create an Epic Games account.

We understand this announcement for the trial version comes late and apologize for the long delay. Due to promotional planning circumstances, an early look was given to some game media outlets, however, we are also putting a lot of work into this backer trial version which will offer a good feel for the full game.

Further details concerning the trial version will be announced here in the updates, and we hope you will continue to look forward to the release.

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Once the trial is released, we’ll be sure to let all our followers know the juicy details of this Shenmue III demo! You can read the full Kickstarter update here.


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