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Sonic Freedom to see 2020 release

There’s some rousing news from the Sonic Fan Game Community: Sonic Freedom is slated to be released in 2020. In a new trailer on Twitter, indie developer “tripplejaz” and designer “lucas” reflect on the 4+ years of development comparing their humble beginnings to their nearly finished project.

What sets Sonic Freedom apart from your run-of-the-mill fan game is the absolutely gorgeous art design. Drawing inspiration from Sonic CD’s animation, Sonic Freedom looks like it was found in the vaults of Toei Animation. In fact, tripplejaz’s YouTube Channel has a series of videos discussing the Toei design philosophy and how he applies it to their work.

Before Sonic Mania, there was a time where old school fans like myself were looking for something to breathe life back into the Sonic series. I personally recall seeing the original proof-of-concept video for Sonic Freedom back in early 2017. While I thought the art style was a little rough around the edges, I knew these guys had something special. No one was doing hand-drawn assets for a Sonic Game, let alone a fan game at that. Seeing this new update makes me so excited for whats to come out of the Sonic Fan Game Community.

You can find out more about Sonic Freedom by following their Twitter page here.

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