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Sonic movie’s first reactions are mixed

A couple of weeks back, we reported on a supposed Sonic movie plot leak, and the details made us pretty nervous. This past week, fans got a sneak peek at the movie and reactions were… mixed.

One moviegoer called the CGI in the film “lackluster” and the jokes “painfully unfunny”:

So how did Sonic the Hedgehog and his thick gams look? Not…great. The visual look of Sonic himself appears to be somewhat similar to Detective Pikachu‘s Pikachu, with an emphasis on the fur. But visually, it’s a bit lackluster. Character design isn’t this film’s strongpoint.

The footage opened with Sonic zooming by James Marsden‘s cop character, who clocks the blue speedster at around 700mph on his radar gun. From there, we learn a bit about the mythology of the movie: the rings that were all over the game serve as teleportation devices here. Sonic is in our world, asking Marsden to help him save his planet (so…I guess Sonic is an alien here?). Oh, and I should mention that we see Sonic speeding down the highway listening to the song “Gangsta’s Paradise”, because of course that happens in this movie.
Meanwhile, the evil Dr. Robotnik – played by Jim Carrey in a mustache – is also on the prowl. Carrey’s scenes are incredibly over-the-top, and painfully unfunny. The look of Carrey’s character starts off odd, but slowly transforms into something similar to the way Robotnik looked in the games. 

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Others spoke positively about the film, especially in the Twitterverse:

There’s definitely a spectrum of reactions for this movie, and I’m anxious to see the first trailer myself. Take a look at the interview with Jim Carrey and discuss in the comments below!

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