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Super Fighter Team localizing Genesis strategy RPG Vixen 357, pre-orders now available

Indie game publisher Super Fighter Team has announced they have opened pre-orders for a localized version of the SEGA Genesis strategy RPG Vixen 357.

Developed by Masaya, the game was originally released on the Mega Drive in Japan in late 1992 and never saw a commercial release in the West until now.

Super Fighter Team lists Vixen 357 at $63 for people in the United States and $70 outside of the US. It will include the cartridge, manual and card stock.

According to the game’s website, the story is as follows:

In the year 2396, the nation of Merisma Harp completed development of the newest and most advanced line of combat operations robots: VECTORs. Intended to protect planet earth from alien invaders, these powerful weapons were entrusted to Takuya Murasawa’s Slash Team for field testing.

But when Merisma Harp’s military installations suddenly came under attack by another nation, Slash Team was called to the front lines of battle. This young, fresh-faced group must now put the unproven VECTORs to the ultimate test in a rush to unmask and defeat the enemy.

You can pre-order the game by visiting www.vixen357.com.



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