Twitch lists Marvel vs. Capcom 4 in their games listing

People have been claiming for years that a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 exists. After Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite was a complete bust, all of the members of the Fighting Game Community have been clamoring for another number games in the series.

Twitch’s game directory posted Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 as a game category via the Internet Game Data Base. How could this have happened? It turns out that anyone with a Twitch account that isn’t banned or suspended can log in and add games to the database.

There’s a possibility that someone got in there and posted the game without a concrete announcement or release date. Twitch prevents this in the IGDB with their rules and guidelines when it comes to additions.

Any Twitch user can sign into IGDB using their standard Twitch user account and add missing games to IGDB or edit existing ones. Click here to learn more about contributing to IGDB. Please note that any game that meets the criteria outlined on our List of Prohibited Games or any of the following are considered ineligible for Twitch:

Games with a release status of “Rumored” or “Cancelled”.
Games that are considered an alternative version of another game.
Games that are considered an expansion pack, bundle, DLC, mod, standalone episode, or season of another game.

Adding a Game or Game Cover Art to Twitch

Since the botched launch and support for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, we’ve all wanted the game. There’s plenty of leaks looking to get your views claiming to be real. Just take all of these with the biggest grain of salt. You’ll be surprised as the rest of us if it’s ever announced.

William Blanton

A huge fighting game fan, (Even though he sucks at them.) Pokemon lover, and content creator of 14 years. He has gone on record saying he would never play any of the Souls games.

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