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Upcoming Sakura Wars is rated “T” for Teen

Although Japan is already enjoying Sakura Wars since December, the rest of the world won’t get to play until Q2 of 2020. Despite waiting a couple more months for the rest of us, here’s a sneak peek at what Sakura Wars will include.

According to ESRB, Sakura Wars will be rated “T” for Teen. They gave this rating due to the game’s use of blood, language, partial nudity, sexual themes, and violence. Check out their reasons below:

Based the this ratings summary, it looks like Sakura Wars will feature “violence: a woman slashed across the chest, resulting in blood spatter effects…mini games in which players can zoom in on characters’ body parts (e.g. legs, buttocks, breasts)… a handful of bath-house sequences depict partially nude female characters, with breasts slightly obscured by steam. The word ‘sh*t’ appears in the game.

Sakura Wars comes out spring 2020.


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