Yakuza Director: “99% of SEGA is currently working from home”

As COVID-19 ravaged the globe, various businesses and industries implemented a work-from-home policy, giving their employees the benefit of less exposure to the virus. During this month’s SegaNama stream, Yakuza director Toshihiro Nagoshi discussed his current work life and SEGA’s as a whole.

In the interview, Nagoshi stated that “99% of SEGA is currently working from home”. Yakuza producer Daisuke Sato mentioned that developers lugged their work PCs and two monitors back home, with some using taxis or delivery services to help with the transition. The taxis seemed to be provided by SEGA themselves.

Sato went on to say the work-from-home policy slowed down game development. Certain tasks like game testing on actions titles prove to be difficult when looking for a quick turnaround time. Because of that, other aspects of development became the focus at home, such as programming.

During the stream, Nagoshi discussed his daily schedule:

Rather than using his newfound time to try out new things, he’s just alternating between his usual activities: his work with Sega, watching movies, and playing with his cats. Since he cannot train at the gym, he ordered dumbbells to start working out at home. They took a really long while to get delivered, and it ended up being delivered right at a time when he was absent, so his wife was super angry at him since she had to carry it all.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon is still scheduled for a 2020 worldwide release. Stay tuned to Mega Visions for the latest Yakuza updates.

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