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You can build your own Game Gear at Retro Gear Customs

If you’ve ever wanted to purchase a Game Gear and too much of a chicken to mod it yourself, you’re in luck. Retro Gear Customs is the place for you. You can customize all the way from the color of buttons to the type of power board you want!

The base model is yours to own for £70.00 ($97). With all of the bells and whistles loading up and emptying your wallet, it will cost £245 ($334). They also have custom made Sonic and Tails shells for you to purchase if you want to do it yourself. For those wondering there is a HDMI Mod available but it’s not one that the site provides.

Here’s their official desccription:

Build you own Game gear.
It’s Simple – Choose your own:
– Screen Brand
– Lens
– Buttons
– Shell
– Power Board

All game gears start with a cleaned and fully recapped game gear.
The condition of the original parts may vary.
These Game gears are built to order, because of this please allow up to 21 days for your order to be processed.
I try to be as true to the images when painting the shells, however small variations may occur, this is due to the fact I am not a machine!!

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