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Yu Suzuki: Shenmue III will get us “40 percent” through Ryo’s story

This past week has definitely been eventful for Shenmue fans. Following a string of gameplay videos from E3, we also learned the PC version of Shenmue III would be a timed exclusive for Epic Games.

In a new interview with USG, Suzuki answered a couple of questions with some interesting responses. The first question revolved around Shenmue‘s story:

In an interview yesterday with Suzuki, I asked him if Shenmue III will be a conclusion to the story. In response, Suzuki took out his water bottle and placed it on the table between us and pointed to about the halfway point.

“Whole story of this bottle, about here,” Suzuki said via translator. I asked if he meant halfway. “40 percent,” Suzuki responded.

USG, Yu Suzuki

Additionally, Suzuki was also asked about the state of Shenmue III and its post-launch DLC:

Suzuki says he feels pretty confident about making the November deadline the team has set for themselves. Though development was tough, Shenmue 3 has come a long ways from where it was to start.

“To be honest, at the very beginning of the project, we thought that we may not be able to do a full Shenmue,” says Suzuki. “But now I can say I’m confident it’s a full Shenmue. This is Shenmue.”

Suzuki also commented on the post-launch content in the works, saying it will be “something quest-based, and something action-based.” 

USG, Yu Suzuki

Shenmue III is scheduled to be released on November 19, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC.



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